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Oregon Farm Bureau
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Salem, OR 97302
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Priority News

Judge denies USDOLís hot goods appeal

Big news in OFBís ongoing fight to protect family farmers and ranchers from federal agency overreach: On Aug. 25, Federal Judge Michael McShane denied the... >>> Read More

County & State Farm Bureau Annual Meetings coming up!

Most of Oregon's county Farm Bureaus hold their annual meetings in October and November. ... >>> Read More

Donate crops, meat to charity and receive 15% tax credit

Attn. farmers and ranchers in the midst of planning, planting, or harvesting: You can benefit from the crop donation tax credit passed by the 2014 Oregon... >>> Read More

YF&R hosts Oregon FFA tractor contest

On Aug. 24, OFBís Young Farmers... >>> Read More

11th Annual OFB Classic Golf Tournament set for Sept. 24

In its 11th year, the OFB Classic Golf Tournament is a perennial success for gathering farmers, ranchers, lawmakers, and supporter of Oregon agriculture for a... >>> Read More

NEW FB member discount: Polaris off-road vehicles!

... >>> Read More

Farm Bureau call to action: Help Ditch the Rule! #DitchTheRule

Puddles, ponds, ditches, ephemerals (land that looks like a small stream during heavy rain but isnít wet most of the time), and isolated wetlands dot the... >>> Read More



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